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Vision & Strategies of ESDAV:

The School of Design and Visual Arts / ESDAVhas established itself today as a center of excellence in Design in Morocco. It is the result of reflections and initiatives that have always been carried out by managers active in the field of Design and business, as well as in the safeguarding of Casablanca's architectural heritage and crafts.

ESDAV is located in Casablancawhich was a laboratory of modern architecture and art deco in the first half of the 20th century. It is in the heart of this metropolis thatESDAVwork. It therefore participates in this tradition of the creative and modern city. It is this tradition that underlies the educational ambition and it is this avant-garde openness that ESDAV transmits to the new Moroccan generations of Designers. In this context, ESDAV works in very close synergy with the professional world of Design and companies.

Now,ESDAV's strategyconsists in placing the question of Design education more and more clearly in a multicultural perspective, with the crossing of different cultural approaches, deepening research through cooperation projects with industry, optimizing in international frameworks, and open teaching and research strategy. It therefore involves the development of alliances and international partnerships with institutes and centers of excellence specialized in the fields of Design.

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