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Accreditation is a recognition of the skills required in the field of Interior Architecture, Object Design, and Digital Design. It is a label of educational quality  and also of the know-how of an educational institution.

The accreditation of a course is an enhancement of the title to which the students claim and an insurance for the families. Professionals also find compliance with their requirements and an appropriate response to their recruitment offers.

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The School of Design and Visual Arts / ESDAV is a private higher education establishment, founded in 2006 by Mr Abderrahim JABRANI Ex-Director of the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca. ESDAV is a school under the supervision of Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education. It is authorized under No. 287/07  according to Law No. 01-00 on the organization of Moroccan higher education.

The School of Design and Visual Arts / ESDAV is structured according to national and international standards, the program also complies with the most recent educational standards adapted to the world of work and the world of research in Design. All ESDAV courses are accredited by the supervisory ministry.

Parallel Lines
Architecture d'intérieur, design, BID.

ESDAV obtainedthe “International Arch of Europe” trophyin Frankfurt   on April 27, 2013, in Geneva on September 24, 2017 and in Paris on March 17  2019 byIDB, the world's leading organization that rewards outstanding organizations that demonstrate innovation in Quality and Excellence.

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